Chucko's and Calyxa's Cats
Slayer of Rainbows and Laser Beams
[a female tortoise-shell cat]
Cici is my laser guided kitty. She loves to chase the red spot made by the laser pointer. She also likes sunlight, reflections off watch faces and other shiny, moving objects, and moving shadows on the blinds. I have crystals hanging in some sunny windows that make rainbows throughout the room.

Cici loves to eat peanuts and corn chips. Not the salted kind, either, just plain roasted peanuts or baked corn chips. Fortune cookies, too. Crunch crunch crunch.

The Tuxedo Cat
[a male tuxedo cat]
Norton thinks I'm his mother, I knew his cat parents before Norton was born. I had second pick of the litter. Norton was first born, but the guy who got first pick chose the all black one. Last of the four born was named Malice. She is Norton's evil twin sister and lives in Santa Cruz, last I knew.

Update: on 19 October 2002, Norton passed away from kidney failure. He'd been diagnosed with kidney problems nearly two years before, at which time I was told he had only a few months to live. Due to a special diet, he was happy and healthy for much longer than those few months. I miss my Norton...

Designer Kitty
Shadow Cat
[a jet black male cat]
Designer is the youngest of our kitties and he belonged to Chucko before the two of us met. We worried about how the three would get along when we first considered moving in together. It took several months before they'd all sleep with us at the same time. After a year we decided to buy a king sized bed to relieve the crowding.

Just how did Designer Kitty get his name, you ask? When Chucko first adopted him, he lived with someone who had a matched set of solid black "designer" living room furniture. The young kitten matched them perfectly, and so he was dubbed "Designer Kitty".

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