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About Calyxa

The name 'calyxa' has been with me since my early UNIX geeking days in the early 80s in Santa Cruz. I had to choose a name no longer than seven characters, so I picked up a dictionary and opened it randomly to the word calyx:
ca·lyx (ka'liks, kal'iks) n., pl. -lyxes or calyces (ka'le-sez', kal'e-). The usually green segmented outer envelope of a flower. [L.]

With both an x and a y, I liked it immediately. With an a on the end, it was like many stereotypical women's names. So 'calyxa' I became.

The last name 'Omphalos' was something I decided on a few years back when I ran across the word. The omphalos was a part of the Temple of Delphi, home of the famous oracle. Omphalos may mean egg-like stone, or it also means navel of the world. I think it's because I'm an earth sign that I like drawing the connection between myself, the world, and the worlds I build in my imagination.

I use the name Calyxa for my on-line persona as well as the nom de plume for the artwork I've done with Bryce. Currently I've been building my worlds in Sunnyvale, California, where I share a home with my husband Chuck and our three cats:

Designer Kitty

Pictures updated 19 Jun 97.


About Calyxa's Web Pages

New Bookstore

Take a look at some of my favorite books and buy them on the web! All details explained in the Calyxa's Curios Bookshop.


What was Old is New Again

Once upon a time, the opening page of my website was the Angel of the Carrots. I soon moved the angel to her own page. After a while, I re-designed the whole site and the angel went away. But of course, the web being the way it is, someone else had a link to the angel and I found that a couple hits a week were coming in from there, so I decided to put the angel back.


Do you use a Mac?

Check out my color schemes for the Kaleidoscope control panel. (What's Kaleidoscope?)


The Body Art Stuff

There's quite a large community of people in to body art on the web. I've got one of the first web pages on the subject of henna tattooing (mendhi) and it constantly surprises me how popular that page is. My other body art pages show off my tattoos and piercings as well as the tattoos and piercings of a few of my friends.

Some of the pictures in the Piercing gallery are of an adult nature. They are clearly marked. Please do not view them if you are under 18 or think you might be offended by the pictures.
Body Art Visit the Body Art Gallery

An Imaginary World

I played D&D in high school and college off and on. I never got as much into the mechanics of the game so much as I did the idea of creating imaginary worlds. Instead of getting sucked into details of game rules and arguing with others about our imaginary characters, I drew maps of cities and lands, planets and moons. The worlds were my characters, but never in enough detail such that I could referee a good campaign.

Now that I have Bryce, a ray-tracing, rendering, landscape-building kick-ass piece of software, I'm finally able to produce pictures that begin to look like what I've imagined, without game rules attached.

Playing Riven, the Sequel to Myst, inspired my Bryce artwork greatly. The Rivenesque Gallery has many works in it that I completed shortly after playing Riven. The love of Riven's desing has stayed with me and works inspired by Riven are scattered throughout the rest of my Bryce galleries.

The World of Pearl Pearl

An Amusing Coincidence

At my first real job, my login name was first name, last initial. With my maiden name, that came out as ruthc. If you say each letter one at a time, you end up asking the question someone might ask of an unidentified hand-rolled cigarette.
Ancient Egyptian Bong "Are you THC?"
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