Pearl gets its name from legends about its creation and an unusual geographic feature which lends credence to those legends. The legend has it that Pearl was once just that, a bead on the necklace of the creator goddess. The geologic feature is the Omphalos, the navel of the world, a vast bottomless pit centered on the rotational pole. It is believed that this pit passes all the way through the world and was where the threads went through to string the goddess' necklace.

East, West, North and South have little meaning on Pearl because the habitable lands are centered on the pole (map). The directions used by the inhabitants speak of poleward, and its opposite, oot, meaning towards the equator. These replace our north and south, but is the one pole the north pole or the south pole? Instead of east and west, they use clockwise and counterclockwise. Bear this in mind when reading the text descriptions of the images.

An amazing piece of software, Bryce, allows me to make pictures that come much closer to what Pearl looks like in my mind than any of my previous drawings. Those drawings were never intended to be landscapes, but instead were hand-drawn maps which may have been created by inhabitants of those worlds. The map page has been very popular ever since I drew maps of Riven.

Review the images in the many galleries which display up to ten thumbnails at a time. Once an image is selected from a thumbnail, each page has a "previous" and "next" link to page through the entire gallery. Most images are narrower than 640 pixels.

Local explorations of Pearl have been my obsession of late, rendering image after image of the same scene at slightly different angles to produce a MYST-like walk-around. A few new concepts along these lines show up with names including the string, "inch."